Punching and form-parts made of metal

Besides of our products for the isolating- industry, we manufacture punching and form-parts for all different economic sectors at home and abroad. Due to permanent development of our products and permanent quality-controls we could further extend this area within the last few years.

The product-range of our punching and form-parts contained:

    • Cream-nozzles and other parts for commercially used cream-machines
    • Different parts for the automobile industry
    • Wire-arms for the wine-cultivation
    • Consoles for the mounting of outer- facades
    • various assembly parts for gate-drives
    • Closing-metals and anchors for front- doors
    • Pipe-supports for irrigation plants etc.

Our technical possibilities:

  • Punching work

    • Punching, turning, pulls to 135 t
    • Perforating and break-forms with universal- tools


    • E-welding
    • Protective gas-welding
    • WIG-welding
    • Point-welding
    • Bold-welding

    Assembly works

    • rivet-joints of all kinds
    • Screwed joints
    • assembly of complete components
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